Almass Badat


Almass Badat, who?!

Almass is a curious, driven and solution-based individual who’s work is centred around ideas & creativity, collaboration, and conscious thinking for change.

Creative Directing & Consultancy.

Over the past decade, Almass has worked globally with individuals as well as businesses on branding, programming, and content creation. Clients & collaborators include ASOS, Soho House, Boiler Room, The Hospital Club, London Triathlon, Roundhouse, adidas, Crepe City, BORN N BREAD, Sole DXB, ICA, BBC, Resident Advisor, BBK & Nike.


With a strong vein of work in pastoral care, Almass' previous work NCS (London), BCE Academy (London), Boys & Girls Club (NJ, SF) and the Fresh Air Fund (NY) as a General, then Senior Counsellor. I’ve dipped in and out of working in education to raise my creative profile and push innovative thinking, and have found that moving between the two has given me insight into human behaviour and people & project management. I tend to steer away from teacher-pupil learning environments, rigid structures, punishments & rewards as motivators and competition. Instead, what drives my processes are conversations, freeing & productive spaces, intrinsic motivators and common goals. I absolutely love the outdoors, working with young people (icebreakers!), and camping.


When I graduated in English Literature in 2012 (dissertation in fairy tale & myth), I began my Independent career. During my degree I worked part-time in Uniqlo, Swarovski, and then Nike (for a month). By the time I hit Nike I was done with retail, even as a placeholder. I began childminding and then was Editor-in-Chief for the late Sylvia Anderson (Thunderbirds) & her daughter Dee Anderson’s online lifestyle & Arts publication. I project-managed this from the ground up, and continued travelling during this time - Cyprus, New York, India, Turkey and so on. I also joined two collectives - mens style site Individualism, and production house The House of Alt. These were my main and pivotal learning experiences into digital media. With the help of my community, I learned to take pictures, produce film, edit both, as well as understand sound design. I have written for publications such as Nylon (NYC) and gal-dem (London), and my networks are strong in London, NYC, SF, Oakland, & LA.


In 2015/16, I became a complete Independent Worker, and also started making documentary film. I have documentaries on race, gender, and human experience filmed in Bangalore, LA, Oakland & London - both independently and commissioned. Over the years I have used my multi-dimensional skillset to consult and direct content for


Almass Founder & Director of MOTION PICTURE, the platform created to put forward the most innovative (and also overlooked) visionaries in film & music of today in dynamic and extremely stimulating ways. Some of the artists MP has collaborated with span from filmmakers Jenn Nkiru & Iggy LDN to DJs Complexion, Jaël & K2RAH. Read more here.


Currently, I sit on the Soho House and The Hospital Club U27 committees. I programme events in both spaces, introduce the Houses & the Club to people they need to know, and pride myself on my integrity, my community and my creative family. As a brand, Almass Badat has become a trusted connector and source in the Arts, as i’ve been working at shaping my identity as both a person and an Artist. As a thinker, the medium will vary, but my thoughts, ideas, and sense of Self are what fuel me.

Born in London, Almass spent the majority of her early childhood in Lusaka, where she roots her inspiration to document within culture, nature and the Arts. After returning to London to complete her BA Honors in English Literature, Almass now contributes to and manages a select number of projects. Her work primarily explores Sound, Film and Photography with altruistic focus. She offers creative consultancy to brands and individuals, including artist julianknxx and radio host Rebecca Judd.

Credits include the British Council and BFI #fivefilmsforfreedom 2016 Global List Hijra's Hustle, the 2015 One World Media funded short documentary tackling discrimination against India's transgender community, Folasade for President, commissioned by the Roundhouse Film Fund, producing The Den, and COME, her self-shot documentary, which screened at Peckham Festival 2017. 

Almass is Founder of MOTION PICTURE, a quarterly independent film screening providing free access for those unable to interact with the Arts. MOTION PICTURE has programmed at Boiler Room, the ICA, and this July 2018, London's Shoreditch House.

Almass is a vocal and visible advocate for #BLACKLIVESMATTER and the QPOC community.