Not too long ago, Presenter, Comic, and all-round talented guy Reuben Christian launched DO YOU, an ongoing podcast series focussed on motivating, well, YOU. 35 episodes in, and Reubs FINALLY asked me to join him! If you've ever heard Reuben and I on air, you already know you're in for a bag of laughs (probably at us!). Intro aside, grab a cuppa and tune in to 1hour and 45 minutes of un-censored conversation recorded at 1AM in Reuben's loft-studio. It really is as fun as it sounds!

Click the image below to hear Episode 35, and click here to listen to the whole series, featuring inspirational individuals like Beats 1 presenter Julie Adenuga, musician SHAKKA and GQ style editor Nick Carvell

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Directing Elle: Dancing in Fire Official Music Video

Last month, It's Changed, my first release of a music video happened. What many won't know though is that It's Changed is not the first music video I've directed. Back in March 2016, I worked with a small team of skilled individuals to create the visual for Dancing in Fire by Elle.

This project took thorough planning and pre-production - everything you see on screen was treated, storyboarded, and then built prior to the shoot:

Every scene was drawn out, painted, and detailed with each prop. This is regular practise when I direct - it helps immensely when communicating your idea to a client, as well as practically visualising what is in your mind's eye.  

The shoot took one full day - and a lot of trial and error. We arrived at the studio at 7AM, and began shooting at roughly 10AM. This was also the first time I had worked with a RED Cam, which was definitely an adjustment and a healthy challenge for all those involved. Over a year on, Dancing in Fire is premiered on gal-dem - the perfect platform to unveil Elle's work.

Often times, I feel as though visuals have the tendency to become outdated fairly quickly - we are in a world where content is so readily available, that the false-pressure that audiences need to be satisfied faster, quicker, and with more of a shock factor is imagined. That, combined with your own growth as an artist, can result in looking back on work and thinking you've technically/artistically surpassed your ability fairly quickly. You can't beat pure fun, expression and creativity though, and i'm so happy to say that I am still very proud, engaged and excited to release a project that was filmed at the beginning of my Directing exploration. Elle and I also spoke to Antonia at gal-dem about the project - you can read the full interview here!

In the meantime, peep the official music video to Dancing In Fire below:

Co-Directing Frisco: It's Changed Official Music Video

You may recall my post on shooting Frisco's Get Greazy Music Video. On the same day, just before we shot Get Greazy, Fris and I filmed the visual for It's Changed, the musician's latest single and a result of a collaborative effort. Out today, July the 18th 2017, on iTunes, Spotify and the like, it's been roughly a month since the music video was released.

On reflection, I love this visual as I was able to retain artistic identity. It also felt amazing to have my client happy with the final product - Fris fed back throughout the edit, and executed his own vision while co-directing with me. I've been working on bringing my portrait photography to motion picture, and think that this is a wicked place to begin! The performance itself is direct in it's style - straight to camera, one verse, and without interruption, and while filming was minimal, detail lies heavily in the artist's on-camera energy and the final edit.

It's Changed was shot using a Canon 5D Mark III, against a red backdrop, and red gels over continuous lighting. 

It's Changed - by Frisco, produced by Skepta:


Celebrating one of the most pivotal albums in music, Re: IMAGINE, a London-based band of musicians, reenacted Dr Dre's legendary album 2001 live on Sunday night. Aside from this West Coast classic, Re: IMAGINE have presented OutKast's Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, The Fugees' The Score, and in the near future, Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - tickets on sale here tomorrow!

As XOYO filled up the sold-out show, I caught a few highlights of the night - enjoy :)

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The Den is back!!

Returning to our home turf at The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch, The June '17 edition of The Den marks the beginning of our summer season. As our team look forward to the coming months of good music, great live performances and celebrating hard work, we also recognise the recent events that have affected our communities, and so have decided to donate this month's proceeds to the residents of the Grenfell Tower fire.

Holding it down as ever are resident DJs SK Vibemaker & DJ Corey, as well as guest DJ Ralph Hardy, and joining Double S, Manga, Tre Mission and Blay Vision on stage are Birmingham brothers Preditah & C4 - a sibling duo i've been waiting to see live for a minute.

Look forward to seeing you on Tuesday - in the meantime, check out a selection of work from The Den's artists of June 2017 below! 

Buy your advance tickets for June's edition of The Den HERE!!



I interviewed Elle, founder of Ellestrations for Nylon Mag - before the interview is published, take a peek at what we got up to while we were shooting! 

Song: CKtrl ft. Elle - More of Me

MUNDU: JEEEP Music Video

When you really in something, follow it. When you really believe in someone, tell them. I met Micheal (MUNDU) a few years ago, and I champion and believe in his artistic talent and ability. We'd been talking about working together on visuals for a while, but this year I taught myself how to shoot and edit video, and we went for it. I cannot express how gratifying it is when someone believes in you, and while Micheal was also happy that I approached him, I was over the moon that he said yes.

We drove to St Pauls - my old stomping grounds, and we enjoyed a warm spring evening along the Thames. I wanted to play with light and darkness, and my favourite shots are the ones featured on the thumbnail of the video below. Press play and vibe it out!

You can find MUNDU on instagram, soundcloud and twitter

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Baby Bump: Lucy Wern

In the whole 9 months that my dear friend and PR mogul (sorry Lucy) Lucy Wern of The Wern has been pregnant, I have not seen her. I don't think there's an excuse really, considering she also lives up the road from me. Anyhow, I spent a much needed afternoon with this mama to be in the London sunshine, and I did everything I could to get the baby to arrive! Unfortunately I wasn't successful, so there'll be a few more days till we welcome baby Wern to the world. Here are a few snaps her Lucy in her element. Glowing!

This was my first time capturing someone expecting, and it was pretty special to shoot two people - one who was pretty unaware but still very present. I've also been working on a few different projects recently so haven't shot portraits in a while and I absolutely love this close up of Lucy:

It's great when you really love something you've produced - with no reservation or third party co-sign. I hope you enjoy the images! Would love to shoot more families and mothers-to-be :)

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Photographer Collab: Hypemari

Spent a few hours in Shoreditch with Hypemari, a London based photographer and artist. It takes a certain level of trust for me to let someone shoot me, and Mari and I had been talking about this shoot for a while. We met up at Spitalfields and walked around the East London area, using our surroundings as the backdrop. This was also the first time any images of me have been retouched, and I definitely found looking back at the images a new experience. It's cool how different aesthetics evoke different responses from the viewer! 

Catch Mari on instagram @hypemari

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Recap Video: SOULECTION at the Getty Museum, LA

While I was in LA, I began teaching myself how to edit video. I ended up carrying around my camera and experimenting with shooting film on my Canon Mark III, following my instincts/ translating my photographic eye to motion image. After a hike to Eagle Rock one evening, myself, Vatana, Alex & Tiffany headed to the Getty Museum for Soulection's College Night. DJs Andre Power & Andres Uribe were on the decks, and expectedly, shut shit down. I've only even been to one other Soulection event, and I can't wait to become more familiar with the team and vibes! Press play and see what went down - and keep up to date with Soulection via their instagram here.

Shout out to Anderson Paak for the soundtrack song: Am I Wrong