Customising Crep for #ABOE Live

Experimenting with sneaker painting and Islamic Geometry for the past two days. Commissioned for the A Bit of Everything Live event next Monday Dec 21st in Homerton, London, i'm pushing myself into new creative territory! Check details of the event via found Chibs' Twitter page here.

If you're thinking of customising your trainers, check Fat Buddha for all your supplies - they ship from Scotland, and do next day delivery! BOOM. Try and use the Angelus brand for paints, de-glazer and finisher - they're recommended worldwide. As I couldn't get Angelus de-glazer, I was pointed towards Fiebing's, which has worked brilliantly (see images of the bottles below). NOTE: Don't paint your crep without de-glazing it first!!! Shout out to adidas for the Stan Smith's.

Not sure if the geometrical idea will work on the trainers - the art style is very precise and complex, although we'll see how these turn out. Might just be on to something here!