Empowerment and Thought...and Pole!

Last night was one of the BEST nights I think i'll have of 2016. I met beautiful people in a beautiful space, and we exercised our minds and bodies...at least I know I did. Though learning pole from the wonderful Jhani Miller, I realised that I had to let go of ALL the judgement I have. I felt a release and calm within my Self. 

When was the last time you saw someone really enjoying themselves, and then felt the urge to shame them because they weren't dressed to your standards, did not fit your standards of beauty, and even did not fit your standards of behaviour? F*** that. I feel relief that I was able to check myself and enter a new space of understanding. I felt free, because I was allowed to be. I am still processing my own thoughts, but last night I learnt to throw away judgement and allow freedom. Surrounded by supremacist oppression, we owe it to ourselves to empower one another. Solidarity. 

Thank you to every one that I met for teaching me through just 'being'.