Maia Reads

It's so important to encourage young children to read. With so many technological advances and digital learning tools, you'd be surprised at how many children and young adults almost hardly pick up a book. The lessons learnt are priceless - from subconsciously logging new vocabulary to exercising your imagination, stories unlock other worlds.

So, when my partner's 10 year old niece Maia let us know she loved reading, we encouraged her to practise her reading, writing and creative skills by starting a book review blog. I used a graphic tablet, and under Maia's direction, we went from the image up top, to the one below!

In Maia's own words, she "wants to inspire other young children to read and write too". I think she's on the right track! Maia Reads will be coming soon to a web page near you.

Note: All copyright to Maia Reads brand & logo belong to Maia Gaston.