House of Alt at The Get Down Brixton

Saturday 8th Oct - House of Alt went head to head with the amazing DJ Carmen London at a night inspired by Netflix Original's latest hit series The Get Down. Directed & Created by Baz Luhrmann, Nas, Catherine Martin, Grandmaster Flash, Nelson George amongst a team of talented creatives, The Get Down documents the rise of Hip Hop in the South Bronx in 70s America. 

#TheGetDownBrixton was exactly what it says on the tin - we took the vibes to South London, turned it all the way up and stumbled back home at 5:30AM. Seeing everyone channel history and timelessness as well as give a warm embrace to our parent's era, and a culture we have only heard about yet influences us so heavily, was a movie. 

Shout out Leigh-Anne & Paul for hosting - dun the dance!

Images: Shoot Donnie

Edit: Almass Badat

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