Politics, Autism and Fay!

Sannchia and I shot two beautiful subjects yesterday for a factual film I am Directing. Located just on the outskirts of London, Fay is mum to 4 year old Bowie, who was diagnosed with Autism almost two years ago, and I could not have picked better figures to lead the concept.

Since Bowie's diagnosis, Fay and her family have not stopped working around the clock to make sure Bowie has all the support, love and care they can get access to. She founded the Awareness for Autism facebook page, which has had an amazing response, and is just a fraction of the work Fay puts into creating dialogues around Autism. Doctors said that Bowie would never speak, so you can imagine the tears of joy when Bowie said his first word last year - "mum!". Through ups and down, Fay is a fighter - she wants to get Autism Awareness into parliament. And Sannchia and I are going to help her.  

Support Fay by liking the Awareness for Autism page here.