Today was a day of Connection. I'm currently in bed and writing this down as the gratitude, love and honour I feel needs to process. It started with Jessica Yatrofksy, a talented Artist and friend from New York who held an insightful talk about her work, which circles around gender and the woman's gaze,.

As Jessica spoke about her work and the barriers she's had to break through, I walked away with acknowledging how important it is to ground yourself as a Creative. The most important thing is to stay true to your wants and your expression - your art is your voice, and your body the vessel through which it manifests. 

I invited a few friends old and new to the talk, individuals who I knew would benefit in some form or another, although there was something intangible in the air. Lately I've felt like I've lost the poetry in my language, yet today there was a buzz of energy, newfound understandings and welcome explorations of the mind. The connections that we already had were solidifying, and the ones we were forging were here to stay.  As the sun set on our evening and time seemed infinite, there was a sense of attraction and enchanting verbal exchange, which I can only describe as a stroking of the brain into existence. It feels good.