The Long and Winding Road: Dilek National Park

Sannchia and I took a break from our week of leisure in search of adventure at Dilek National Park. Located in the Dilek Peninsula, this protected area is home to secluded beaches, dense forests and breathtakingly untouched views. As we were based in the town Kusadasi (about an hour away) with no car, we hopped on the local transport and then took in the full experience on foot!

The bus costs around £1.50 (if that) from the town centre, and drops you right in the park. On foot, entrance to the park is about £1 - not bad for a day of calm and quiet. Once dropped off though, you're literally left to your own devices. If you want to get around quicker/see more views/not die from the heat/wasp stings and/or hay-fever, then taking along a bicycle or hiring a motorbike for the day is a good idea. If you're not fussed or like a good hike, then on foot is a great way to truly appreciate what the park has to offer. Make sure you carry lots of water and snacks - if you're visiting off-season, the cafes probably won't be open. You don't have to worry about getting lost either, as you can follow the road (although this is probably the longest way) and the park is clearly sign-posted. 

So, with high spirits and determination, we started an hour-and-a-half walk in 28C heat. There is a beach just by the entrance of the park, although we walked up to the next one, which proved much less busy - almost to the point of abandonment. The water and sand was much clearer and untouched, and there were a few wild pigs walking about - it was a perfect stopover. Further along the beach the sand turned to pebbles, and the disintegrating rocks came in every colour - it was so beautiful! Sannchia and I found a the perfect spot for a shoot, and if every shoot was on the beach with the sea air through my lungs, I would never take a day off! On the way back, we were so knackered, we gratefully accepted a ride from a friendly group of park visitors. More images to come.

A x