Mentoring with CO-LAB - Ace Hotel LDN 29.09.2016

I want to be rich. Yeah, I said it. I'm wealthy in family, love, community, but I want to be filthy, money rich. Why? So I can build space, fund workshops, and give opportunity to the generations that precede me. Those after me should not have to go through what I went through, and what i'm still experiencing now. Until I have the funding and resources to create the empire I envision, recognise that I have the most important thing. Me. I have honest, first-hand, and real knowledge coming from a place of Love. You don't get that shit elsewhere. Come chat to me tonight because when you win, I will rest peacefully.

Thank you to @helloletscolab for giving me the space to exercise my dreams.

6PM, Ace Hotel London

Tickets £5 Buy Here