Tiffany Gouché x Future SNDS: Video Capture

Tiff & Tana stopped by in London on the first weekend of May to play live at Future SNDS. Tiffany is a musician based in LA, and Vatana is her manager - both dear companions and two people I hold close. 

Held at Oslo Hackney, Tiff hosted a "Tiffany Gouché & Friends" night, lending her ear for great music to a live crowd. Joining her on stage was Taliwhoah, Tiny Man & Tiana Major, who all come from the UK - they smashed it. I found myself moving around the venue the whole night - ended up capturing what you see below!

It's safe to say that the crowd were captivated. Press play and have a look for yourself.

Check Tiffany Gouché out on itunes here.

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