Baby Bump: Lucy Wern

In the whole 9 months that my dear friend and PR mogul (sorry Lucy) Lucy Wern of The Wern has been pregnant, I have not seen her. I don't think there's an excuse really, considering she also lives up the road from me. Anyhow, I spent a much needed afternoon with this mama to be in the London sunshine, and I did everything I could to get the baby to arrive! Unfortunately I wasn't successful, so there'll be a few more days till we welcome baby Wern to the world. Here are a few snaps her Lucy in her element. Glowing!

This was my first time capturing someone expecting, and it was pretty special to shoot two people - one who was pretty unaware but still very present. I've also been working on a few different projects recently so haven't shot portraits in a while and I absolutely love this close up of Lucy:

It's great when you really love something you've produced - with no reservation or third party co-sign. I hope you enjoy the images! Would love to shoot more families and mothers-to-be :)

A x