Debut Screening: Hijra's Hustle

Today was a momentous day. One World Media and the Bertha DocHouse screened Hijra's Hustle, my debut documentary! After months of shooting, editing, translating and travelling, it was the first time I had shown the 15 minute piece to an audience. My heart pounded as the title sequence began, and I felt so proud and overwhelmed to share something so close to my heart. I will hopefully have another screening soon, so you all can see it! Thank you to everyone that has supported and helped me achieve greatness. 

If you're interested in receiving the £1000 production fund in 2016, check the One World Media website on Monday the 25th January 2016. Please do get in touch if you have any questions at all - including how to make a doc, how to apply for funding, or what it's really like filming abroad!


Squad Screening.JPG