Marketing Yourself in the Digital Age at Apple Covent Garden

It's great to hear different voices and witness varied dialogues - in a refreshing talk held at Covent Garden's Apple Store, Khadijah aka Kaiya Milan presented an hour of insight into the Music industry with womxn's perspective to an audience of all ages, genders and walks of life.

It was evident that we still have a very long way to go in allowing womxn access in patriarchal constructs as well as shifting who we see as responsible for these changes, and events like these are part of the steps to getting there.

On the panel:

Caroline, GRM Daily/Radar

Jackie, Atlantic Records

Parris, SONY Music

For anyone interested in the spelling of womxn :




An inclusive term used to decentre masculinity (man) from language itself. A decolonising tactic to neutralise gender. - S. Bangura