#GoogleSocial : Second Edition

It seems like it's all about capturing the moment. Shout out to the GoogleUK Social team who threw a successful party and created extensive mediums to capture the night. Polaroids and GIFs galore!

Besides the fun stuff, events like these are great for connecting with other creatives in an environment that allows you to let your hair down. As you continue to work in film/digital media/fashion/music/art, you'll realise that London is so small - in a good way. Walking into an event and seeing familiar faces can be comforting, and last night, this was the case. Through mutual colleagues and friends you meet more mutuals and friends, which can organically lead to more creative experimentation - much more effective than a boardroom meeting - and the best bit is, if you want to simply just have a good time and forget about work, you can. 

Above everything, the most important thing is to work on yourself - healing your mind and body, fine-tuning your craft, keeping your creative identity and maintaining a warm energy all add up to being prepared and getting the most out of parties like these. Add me on snapchat: almassbadat to catch the next one live!

Special thanks to Mercedes Benson - your work is so appreciated.

Images feature: Kay Davis, Sabrina-Anne Sarpong, and Troy Oraine

Polaroids captured by Yinka