Lakwena: Up in the Air at Boxpark

This week I helped the brilliant artist and wonderful friend Lakwena with her latest project, Up in the Air. Available to view from tonight till the 17th April 2016 at Boxpark, Up in the Air is an immersive experience. The thought behind the project stems from praise and spirituality in commercial space, and carried through Lakwena's electric paint, bold lettering and vibrant touch, the piece is breathtaking. It's a mix of contemporary culture and tradition with worship, and in a space that contributes to worship of a materialistic kind, Up in the Air exhibits the fluidity of scared spaces. 

On the day I joined to help, we transformed one of Boxpark's white-wall cartons into a temple of colours. Lakwena's work takes precision, patience, and lots of teamwork, and the hours usually fly by. The added fact that Lakwena is expecting a baby (yay!) meant that all hands were needed on deck. The team have been working on the installation for the last couple of weeks in Lakwena's studio, and this was the home run. Before we knew it, we were locking up at 22:30! I managed to catch a few snapshots below in between all the painting so you can see what we got up to while creating just one of the elements of the full piece.

Up in the Air opens tonight at Boxpark, and the launch is open to everyone. Come down, experience a preview of Lakwena's work, and embrace the vibe!

Models: Mala (top left), Lakwena, Yasmin (bottom right)

Artwork: Lakwena