On being shot for Jessica Yatrofsky's I Heart Girl - Screen Test

Last Janaury 2015, I met Jessica Yatrofksy, the Artist & Photographer responsible for the gender-challenging I <3 Boy and I <3 Girl photography series’. After taking a little tour of her BK apartment and neighbourhood in New York’s ice cold, we sat in a local café while Jess introduced myself and Sannchia to the simplicity of veganism and our generation’s aversion to phone and face to face conversations (apparently we reaaaaally like to text). We ended up taking some polaroids, chilling and then with stomachs warm witm tea and cookies, eventually jumped on the metro home. Fast forward to this January 2016 while packing my bags returning from another trip in NYC, I get a text from Jess.

“Are you still in NY?! I want to shoot you today!”, said Jess, or something to that effect. I assumed that the shoot was a test one, and ready as ever for a bit of adventure, I headed to Jess’ apartment. I didn’t know what to expect – and I definitely thought that it would just be me, so was taken aback when as I rang her doorbell, felt the presence of another person behind me. You know that scene in Notting Hill where Hugh Grant arrives at the hotel for Julia Roberts and there’s another guy with him? Yeah, that.

Anyway, I walk up the aged wooden stairs up to the apartment, and on the other side of the door, I was met with not Jess, but a smiling lady with an iPad, asking me to check in. I felt a twang of nervousness as I looked around to the left at the models in her bedroom. To the right, where her kitchen would be, was a studio light and camera set up. Thankfully, before panic could set in, Jess swooped in with all the love and welcomed me into her home. She explained that she was in fact shooting her next film, pointing to the 4-5 women in the apartment and her partner, who was helping her shoot on the day.

Before I knew it, I was in front of the camera facing Jess. On the other side of the camera for another artist, I immensely appreciated Jessica’s tranquil environment, care and comfort. Her style is elegantly clean, with a soft grade that is become a signature to Jessica’s name. The particular project I am part of is a motion version of I <3 Girl, premiered earlier this year on i-D. Have read, and watch the final film here and follow Jess on instagram at @jyatrofsky.

A x

All Copyright to Jessica Yatrofsky.

                                                     Almass and Sannchia by Jessica Yatrofksy

                                                     Almass and Sannchia by Jessica Yatrofksy