Empowering the Legends of the Future

Today is the start of my summer. I head to summer camp in San Francisco, where I will serve young children from underprivileged backgrounds of the West Coast. I cannot stress how important it is for us to look after and care for the next generation of children of colour. I find great security in knowing that because of the work we collectively put in, we can empower young children and adults, shaping them into the legends of the future.

In particular, it is a radical step for you to just exist in these spaces. Many of the children I have worked with are still learning about people and culture, and being present allows them exposure to spaces and real people that are otherwise limited, or ones they only see through the internet/television/secondary sources. My activity on here will be sparse, but I will document the best I can. Drop me a message if you want to know how best to get involved with camp, and which camps to go for.

You are unstoppable.