Frisco - Get Greazy Video Shoot BTS

Last week, I headed to THRDS Studio in Blackhorse Rd (London) to shoot visuals to accompany Frisco's coming releases. Our shift ran from 8 till 8, but it was just how I like a shoot - minimal people on set, quiet, warm and most importantly, productive. The concept for the first video released (Get Greazy) was a simple and innovative piece of cinema I am super proud of.

Hashed out over lunch and then executed by Safe (The HD Boys), who was in town from Atlanta, there's a scene shot in one-take as we transition between two songs - we got it in one go, and nailed it in the first take! Sometimes the key is going with your gut and trusting that you've got the money shot. As they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

I particularly love the grade in the first section of the visual - at the moment, muted tones and undersaturated images seem to resonate with my eye. In the second part, we had fun getting to grips with controlling the rotational movement of the camera on the DJI Ronin:

While Safe headed up this video, I captured some behind the scenes footage which has taken the shape of a 30 sec capture. Have a peep below, and scroll further down to check out the finished product! 

A x