MANGA - In the Lead Up to Outbursts From the Outskirts

Shot with musician Manga in Primrose Hill earlier this year. Using natural light from an overcast day, we took one of my favourite routes from Chalk Farm through the residential pathways to the top of Primrose Hill. While we shot, Manga and I spoke about our relationships with social media and online activity, and how in preparation for his latest project Outbursts from the Outskirts, Manga disconnected from cyberspace because frankly, it was more of a distraction while he was in his creative zone.

I feel as though this a common practise amongst my circles of creatives today. Regardless of our chosen profession(s) - if we make music, paint, write, illustrate, or anything similar our art is communicated heavily through the web...digitising our content and communicating our daily interactions serve the purpose of pushing our work. It can get tiring at times and can take away from the creative energy required to make the actual product - as you can be swept away with focusing on the content that goes around it instead. I am not sure what the balance is just yet - all I know is that I crave time away from anything digital, and take every opportunity to disconnect. I wonder if some of you feel the same.


I can't wait to shoot with Manga again. I think he has such a beautiful face for portraiture, and love how his personality translates onto image. In the meantime, keep up with Manga via the gram and twitter, and have a listen to Manga's latest project Outbursts from the Outskirts via itunes!