Directing Elle: Dancing in Fire Official Music Video

Last month, It's Changed, my first release of a music video happened. What many won't know though is that It's Changed is not the first music video I've directed. Back in March 2016, I worked with a small team of skilled individuals to create the visual for Dancing in Fire by Elle.

This project took thorough planning and pre-production - everything you see on screen was treated, storyboarded, and then built prior to the shoot:

Every scene was drawn out, painted, and detailed with each prop. This is regular practise when I direct - it helps immensely when communicating your idea to a client, as well as practically visualising what is in your mind's eye.  

The shoot took one full day - and a lot of trial and error. We arrived at the studio at 7AM, and began shooting at roughly 10AM. This was also the first time I had worked with a RED Cam, which was definitely an adjustment and a healthy challenge for all those involved. Over a year on, Dancing in Fire is premiered on gal-dem - the perfect platform to unveil Elle's work.

Often times, I feel as though visuals have the tendency to become outdated fairly quickly - we are in a world where content is so readily available, that the false-pressure that audiences need to be satisfied faster, quicker, and with more of a shock factor is imagined. That, combined with your own growth as an artist, can result in looking back on work and thinking you've technically/artistically surpassed your ability fairly quickly. You can't beat pure fun, expression and creativity though, and i'm so happy to say that I am still very proud, engaged and excited to release a project that was filmed at the beginning of my Directing exploration. Elle and I also spoke to Antonia at gal-dem about the project - you can read the full interview here!

In the meantime, peep the official music video to Dancing In Fire below: